The Fear of Failure

Advertisements In my previous post, “Obeying Fear is True Failure“, I wrote about how many of us don’t use our God-given gifts because we are afraid. There are many things to fear. One of the most common fears we face is being afraid of failure. If you were asked to answer the question, “What isContinue reading “The Fear of Failure”

Should You Believe in Yourself?

Advertisements Belief is a powerful thing. What we believe about any one thing will directly affect how we interact with that thing. If I believe the floor is sturdy, I will stand on it without questioning or even thinking of its integrity. If I believe something is dangerous, even if it’s not, I will beContinue reading “Should You Believe in Yourself?”

Break Free from Our Self-Adorned Chains

Advertisements As I have grown older (Not a young buck anymore), I’ve increasingly realized how much I’ve placed false limitations on myself due to my own self-perception. Too often I have enslaved myself to the subtle whisper in my head of the words “I can’t…”. There is so much I have not done in myContinue reading “Break Free from Our Self-Adorned Chains”

Disconnecting is The First Step to Living with Inspired Resolve

Advertisements The first step I am taking in my resolve to live an inspired life is to do a little disconnecting. But it is not without good reason. Before I go any further, let me explain what I mean by “disconnecting”. While I would love to be able to completely and totally disconnect (get ridContinue reading “Disconnecting is The First Step to Living with Inspired Resolve”

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