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Interview with Nathaniel Talbott: Parenting, Career Paths, the Christian View of Wealth Inspired Resolve

In this first full episode of The Inspired Resolve Podcast, I talk with Nathaniel Talbott about how the Lord led him to Loor, advice he has for parents, and how to think about wealth from a Christian perspective. 
  1. Interview with Nathaniel Talbott: Parenting, Career Paths, the Christian View of Wealth
  2. Introduction to The Inspired Resolve Podcast

The Fire that Makes Great Men

We shall be thankful for our hard times. For it is in the fire of the daily grind of life in which our characters and our mettle are formed. If we are to have fortitude, it will come through fire. If we are to have strength, it will come through the tearing of our muscles.Continue reading “The Fire that Makes Great Men”

The Benefits of Struggle

As I have been reading Booker T. Washington’s autobiography entitled Up From Slavery, I have been struck by the amount of struggle he had to endure in order to acquire an education.

What Are Your Dams?

While Dams can be good when used constructively, dams cause a disruption in the flow of life-giving water. Similar to dams, we all have things in our lives which stop up our flow of productivity.

The Fear of Failure

In my previous post, “Obeying Fear is True Failure“, I wrote about how many of us don’t use our God-given gifts because we are afraid. There are many things to fear. One of the most common fears we face is being afraid of failure. If you were asked to answer the question, “What is somethingContinue reading “The Fear of Failure”


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